Leviton Launches New Electrical Safety Resources for Electrical Safety Month

Melville, New York — In recognition of National Electrical Safety Month, Leviton will introduce a variety of new electrical safety resources throughout the month of May to help educate consumers about electrical safety within their homes.

A leader in the development of solutions to enhance electrical safety, Leviton¹s new materials are available at Learn it at Leviton ( including:

  • Two new electrical safety videos featuring Alison Rhodes-Jacobson* ­ The Safety Mom: The first video, “How to Make Your Home Safer for Seniors,” reviews a number of ways to make the living environment safer for seniors by utilizing electrical devices that are easy to install. The solutions presented are ideal for seniors but are equally valuable to improve safety in any home. In the second video, “How to Make Your Older Home Safer,” Ms. Rhodes-Jacobson discusses a number of important electrical considerations to be aware of when installing new devices in older homes. These include proper outlet replacement, GFCI and AFCI protection, old wiring and the need to be aware that older homes may have aluminum wiring which requires devices clearly marked as CO/ALR for safety reasons.
  • “Test Your Residential Electrical Safety Knowledge” video: This video presents seven questions the do-it-yourself installer should be able to correctly answer in order to safety perform home electrical work. Questions range from the basic safeguard of turning off the power on the circuit when working to properly replacing outlets. If viewers have additional questions, or require further explanation of the topics covered, they can view supplementary videos found in the Learn it at Leviton video library.
  • Leviton Electrical Safety Infographic: A snapshot of the many contributions Leviton has made to improve electrical safety over the years through the development of new safety products and the enhancement of existing products.
  • Blogs: The Leviton blog will focus on electrical safety topics, including contributions from The Safety Mom.

“National Electrical Safety Month provides us a unique opportunity to share our knowledge and resources with consumers to help them improve the electrical safety of their homes,” said Jay Sherman, Leviton¹s Director of Marketing, Residential. “At Leviton, electrical safety is a top priority and we are pleased to share our resources to make electrical safety an important consideration in the on-going protection of family and property.”

Learn It at Leviton is a one-stop source for reliable information on a range of home improvement topics including electrical safety, wiring and installation, home automation, energy savings, buying/selling a home, product buying guides, new products and much more. Whether a seasoned DIY¹er or a beginner, the Learn it at Leviton library of videos, interactive tools, EZ Learn courses and FAQ¹s can help make the job a little easier.

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