LiveWire Offers Electrician Scholarship to Increase Gender Equality

LiveWire Electrical Supply is doing its part to increase gender equality in the construction trades. This upcoming year the San Francisco-based electrical supply company will offer 3 scholarships to students studying electricity: to one male student, one female student, and a 3rd that will got the next most qualified applicant—male or female.

Today, women account for less than 3% of all construction workers in America—an even lower percentage than there are women firefighters (~3.5%). Why are there so few women pursuing a career that is relatively high-paying, and doesn’t require a college degree? There are many factors, but the two key obstacles are the absence of recruiting efforts aimed towards young women, and the stereotype that the construction industry is a man’s realm.

LiveWire hopes to break that trend by encouraging both men and women to pursue their passion in the electrical field. LiveWire CEO and founder, and tED magazine 2013 “30 Under 35” honoree, Adam Messner, believes “encouraging able-bodied, and able-minded workers to pursue their passion is crucial for the health of our industry (or any industry). Whether male or female, I want the best individuals working around me.”

The LiveWire Equal Opportunity Scholarship is accepting applications now for the 2016-17 school year. The deadline is May 31, 2016. Anyone planning on venturing into electrical practice or theory is encouraged to apply. Visit their scholarship page at http://livewiresupply.com/resources/scholarship/.


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