Longtime Turtle And Hughes Executive Jack Sinagra Dies

Longtime Turtle and Hughes executive Jack Sinagra, who also
served as mayor of East Brunswick, New Jersey, as a New Jersey State Senator,
and as the Chairman of the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York, passed
away on Monday, August 26.

The cause of death is not being released.

is devastating for us,” said Jayne Millard, the Chief Executive Officer at
Turtle and Hughes. “He worked for this corporation for almost 40 years and
served in a leadership role for decades. He built this company, along with my
father. He was larger than life.”

She said the news
of Sinagra’s death “was very sudden. The (Sinagra) family was very private and
he was very stoic,” Millard said. “They kept it (his illness) very quiet.”

Sinagra served as
the President of Turtle and Hughes for years, and during that time attended a
number of NAED conferences, including the National Conference in 2012.  During that time he also attended a
number of National Electrical Leadership Summits.

Sinagra was
elected mayor of East Brunswick in 1989, and served two years.  He followed that by serving three terms
in the New Jersey Senate from 1992-2002 as the 18th Legislative
District representative.  While in
the state senate, he was the chairman of the heath committee, and was active in
economic development. He became the Chairman of the Port Authority Board of
Commissioners in December of 2001.

Turtle and Hughes
was founded in 1923, and today is a $520 million dollar a year procurement
company with 23 locations in New York, New Jersey and Texas.  The company provides a range of
maintenance and repair operations services.

arrangements for Jack Sinagra have not been released at this time.


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