Looking Back: Arthur W. Hooper Talks About Starting tED Magazine

Reaching back into the NAED archives, in an interview from 10 years ago as tED was celebrating its 40th anniversary, tED magazine found a few quotes from former Executive Director of NAED, Arthur W. Hooper Sr., who passed away on Friday, November 22, 2013. Below, his thoughts on starting tED magazine, and what he considered to be the biggest successes of tED and NAED.

On why the association decided to create tED magazine:
“We really felt the need for better communication of what we were doing, to our members and, also, to the industry. They were the reasons we considered doing a publication, and finally made the decision to go ahead and start one.”

“One of the goals in publishing a magazine was to broaden knowledge in the industry of NAED and to reach out to many non-member firms and bring them into the membership. It got the word around to the industry of the things we were doing and some of the goals we had.”

On the early successes of tED magazine:
“In one or two incidences, there was a question of a piece of legislation that came up in Washington or at the state level, and we were able to inform our members about through the magazine and mount a little campaign in one or two incidences – participating in the defeat or passage of some piece of legislation. This brought new members to NAED, because they recognized what we were trying to do and agreed that we had recognized a problem and tried to react to it, in a positive way.”

On the success of NAED:
“NAED is and was one of the largest, best-financed, successful trade associations in the wholesale industry.”

“One of the things that I personally have been very pleased with is the establishment of the PAR report. That was started in my office with … Art Cole … and Ron Foster. The three of us sat and developed this PAR report. That was one we were very pleased with.”

“The other thing I was pleased about was the establishment of the Education and Research Foundation. It’s been successful and continues to be.”

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