Madison Electric Products Acquires Smart Pathways

Madison Electric Products Acquires Smart Pathways

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Madison Electric Products announced today the acquisition of Smart Pathways LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Smart LB telecommunications conduit bodies. Smart Pathways LLC is the second company Madison has acquired through the Sparks Innovation Center, the company’s crowdsourced product development platform.

Conduit bodies have long been part of the installers’ toolbox, but Smart Pathways offers a more advanced solution that solves numerous problems they face on a daily basis. Designed by Ken Bing, managing member of Willow Rest LLC, who drew from his experience as a contractor in both the electrical and data communication areas, the Smart LB conduit body has a built-in elbow that helps prevent cables from getting caught or damaged when they’re pulled around corners. Unlike traditional LBs that have a sharp 90-degree corner, this helps save time and labor during installation.

“We recognize the long-term potential and opportunity in the data communication industry,” said Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products. “Smart LB conduit bodies complement the existing products we promote in that segment, positioning Madison to establish a much greater presence in this new and growing market.”

Smart Pathways’ existing product portfolio consists of six different SKUs, all of which Madison plans to continue manufacturing after the acquisition is complete. Additionally, Madison will work closely with Bing to determine the best way to take the concept further into the market in the future.

“Madison is the ideal partner to take Smart LB to the next level. I look forward to working with their team to really maximize the potential and reach of our product line,” said Bing.

“Smart Pathways is exactly the type of partner we look to work with at Madison. Their vision to revolutionize installation practices underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and pushing the electrical and data communication industries forward. Further, this acquisition reinforces the success and potential of our Sparks Innovation Center,” added Wiandt.


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