Marketplace Fairness Coalition Releases Statement Ahead Of Committee Hearing

The Marketplace Fairness Coalition, which represents thousands of American businesses — large and small, as well as both brick-and-mortar and online — today released the following statement regarding next week’s hearing by the House Judiciary Committee:

“America’s brick-and-mortar businesses appreciate the hard work and serious examination that Chairman Goodlatte and members of Congress have given to this issue, as evidenced by this hearing amidst a busy legislative schedule.  After 20 years, more than 30 hearings in Congress and the strong bipartisan support this issue has received in both the House and the Senate, the time is now for Congress to act. 

“The explosion of e-commerce underscores the importance of Congress acting to protect jobs, preserve basic free market competition and restore states’ rights.  The federal government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace, but unfortunately that is exactly what’s taking place today under our antiquated tax code.  

“We’ll continue working with Congress to move this issue forward and it’s our hope that this hearing will be among the last steps before the House gives all businesses the opportunity this year to compete on a fair and level playing field.”


The House Judiciary Committee has agreed to discuss the Marketplace Fairness Act during its March 4 hearing.  At this time, there is no proposed legislation.  The Marketplace Fairness Act would allow states to collect tax on online sales.  NAED has been a strong supporter of the Marketplace Fairness Act. 

Last month, hundreds of organizations that collectively represent more than three million American businesses and organizations – large and small – sent a letter to Chairman Goodlatte calling for immediate action on marketplace fairness. 

Going back to 1994, there have been more than 30 hearings on this issue in both the House and Senate. Most recently, the House Judiciary Committee held hearings on November 30, 2011 and again on July 24, 2012. The Senate passed legislation in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 69-27 on May 6, 2013.

new government report from the Small Business Administration released in November confirmed that a federal marketplace fairness solution is needed to level the retail playing field, protect small businesses and restore states’ rights.

An extensive new study by top conservative economist Dr. Arthur Laffer — “Pro-Growth Tax Reform and E-Fairness” — reported that collecting online sales taxes that are already legally owed and leveling the playing field for all retailers would have a profoundly positive economic impact in states across the country.

Click here to read what some of the nation’s top conservative leaders and Republican Governors have said in support of marketplace fairness legislation. 

Click here to read what dozens of the nation’s leading editorial boards have written in support of marketplace fairness legislation.  

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