Marketplace Fairness Coalition Says New SBA Study Confirms Importance of E-Fairness

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Marketplace Fairness Coalition, which represents thousands of American businesses – large and small, as well as both brick-and-mortar and online – released the following statement regarding this week’s study from the Small Business Administration (SBA) analyzing the issue of marketplace fairness and the need for a responsible solution at the federal level:

“This comprehensive study by the SBA confirms that a federal marketplace fairness solution is needed to level the retail playing field, protect small businesses and restore states’ rights.

“It also confirms that contrary to the misinformation disseminated by eBay and its proxies in an attempt to maintain a government-sponsored advantage for its largest sellers, the vast majority of online businesses would not be affected by the Senate-passed legislation in any way.  Of course many Members of Congress already recognize that which is why marketplace fairness passed the Senate in a broad and bipartisan vote earlier this year, and why it’s receiving strong, bipartisan support in the House.

“The arrival of the holiday shopping season is an important reminder that thousands of small businesses and local jobs are under threat because of the current unfair retail playing field.   SBA’s study confirms that a reasonable balance can be reached to protect small online sellers, while giving brick-and-mortar retailers the fairness that they deserve.   We hope the House will soon follow the Senate’s lead by addressing this long overdue issue.”

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