Milbank Wins Manufacturing Industry Award for Talent Development

Milbank Wins Manufacturing Industry Award for Talent Development

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Milbank Manufacturing has been awarded the Manufacturing Talent Development award from the Missouri Association of Manufacturers as part of its annual leadership awards program.

For more than 90 years, Milbank has been dedicated to quality products and advanced technology. The longevity of the company cannot be contributed to products alone, as these advancements are a direct result of devoted, hard-working employees.

Beginning in 2017, Milbank identified employee development as a key initiative for the organization. The goal was to create a comprehensive training program that would increase job performance and satisfaction, while concurrently improving operational efficiencies. To achieve their goal, Milbank focused on the following areas:

  • Online learning available to all employees – including compliance training, product training, and business tools training.
  • Specialized Training Within Industry (TWI) approach – customized to fit Milbank Family Values and both manufacturing and corporate employees.
  • Increasing engagement by advancing from within – working to promote from within and cross-train employees to increase job satisfaction.

“In a tenured industry, with a workforce that spans several generations, we must be able to motivate and reward our employees at all levels,” said Lezlie Ensor, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Milbank. “Incorporating digital technology and specialized advancement opportunities has really helped to engage our workforce.”

Milbank will continue to focus on employee development in 2019. An annual survey is sent to all employees to gauge the progress and solicit new ideas.

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