Minerallac Company Celebrates 125 Years in Business

Hampshire, Ill. Headquarters

HAMPSHIRE, Ill. — Minerallac Company celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the company in 2019. From patenting the first Standard Conduit Hanger in 1904 to patenting the One-Hole Strap or “Jiffy Clip” in 1914, Minerallac has been innovating fasteners and hardware for the electrical industry since its inception.

Louis A. Ferguson

Founded by Louis A. Ferguson in 1894, Minerallac’s very first products were insulating compounds made from mineral oil and lacquer, hence the name Minerallac. Based in Chicago, Minerallac owed much of its early success to a close relationship with Chicago Edison. Throughout the years, Minerallac has grown by adding new product innovations and through corporate acquisitions.

Minerallac has grown and expanded and now operates two facilities, one outside of Chicago in suburban Hampshire, Illinois and the other in Auburn, Washington. Minerallac Company continues to be owned by the original founding family.

“It is with great pride that the employees of Minerallac Company celebrate this milestone. Minerallac’s core focus is providing service excellence and our niche is making everything easier for our customers. We are truly committed to creating lasting partnerships. We still believe in the value of a handshake and delivering on our promises. We believe that the best business relationships are the one where everyone succeeds. We believe in the power of building relationships with people.

“This belief has served us well. On average our employees have been with Minerallac for nearly 10 years and 11 of our employees have been with us for 25 years or more. We still work with some of the same vendors we were working with 70 years ago. We are excited about the future,” Jim Hlavacek, President, Minerallac Company.

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