MLS Buys 11 Percent Stake in Kaistar Lighting

MLS Buys 11 Percent Stake in Kaistar Lighting

ATLANTA, Ga. — Forest Lighting announced that its parent company, MLS, will purchase 10.91% of the outstanding shares of stock in Xiamen, China-based Kaistar Lighting.  Kaistar Lighting is a joint venture established in 2011 by Epistar, Evertop, and Country Lighting. MLS is the largest LED package manufacturer in China, with $2 billion in annual revenue.  It was listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in March. 

Kaistar, with approximately $84 million in annual revenue, provides LED wafers, LED packaging and LED lighting products to the global market. In July 2015, Kaistar acquired US-based Bridgelux, whose intellectual property includes 750 patents in LED chips and package technologies. 

“Our rapid growth in the American market will be enhanced by this investment in Kaistar,” said Jian Ni, chief operating officer of Forest Lighting in Atlanta. “With these new partners which include Epistar and Bridgelux, we will now have access to cutting edge LED packaging technology and high power LED chips; this will accelerate new product development and market acceptance.”


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