NAED Adds Warehouse Operations to PAR Report

As we have all learned in the past year, electrical distributors are an essential business.

Add on to that, the work you are doing in your warehouse needed to be pristine since you were meeting new demands for time and materials.

But was it? Were your operations really as efficient and productive as possible?

Starting this year, NAED is providing a Warehouse Operations feature to your regular PAR report.

The 2021 NAED Warehouse Operations Survey is designed to provide you with a baseline to determine the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse activities. The survey covers important areas such as fulfillment, accuracy, cycle times, safety, and deliveries to provide more insight into your operations. Like the NAED PAR Survey, the results provide an opportunity to compare your company’s results with those of your peers.

But it’s important to know this: you can only get the Warehouse Operations report if you participate in the NAED PAR survey. That survey closes on Friday, April 16th. You can complete the survey through the online portal at www.naed.org/par-survey-2021.


Throughout the next 30 days, NAED and tED magazine will be reminding you to fill out the PAR and Warehouse Operations surveys through a “Have you PAR-ed today?” campaign.


Sample questions include:

  • Average number of lines:
    ○ Picked per day
    ○ Each warehouse employee picked per hour
    ○ Per order
  • Average accuracy rate for lines picked per order in 2020
  • Receiving efficiency
  • Dedicated square footage to outside storage
  • Returns processed per day in 2020
  • Average number of:
    ○ Deliveries per day
    ○ Packages per delivery
    ○ Stops per trip
    ○ Miles driven per truck per day
  • Percentage of all delivery hours that is windshield time (time in transport between points)
  • Percent of deliveries with company truck vs. third-party carriers
  • Average number of wire pulls per hour per employee
  • Average footage of wire cut per hour per employee

The PAR and Warehouse Operations surveys are administered by Industry Insights, and individual company responses will not be shared with NAED or anyone outside of Industry Insights. All responses will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you have additional questions, you can e-mail NAED’s Member Engagement team at memberengagement@naed.org.

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