NAED and tED Magazine Focus on Employee Education

In case you haven’t heard, NAED has launched a series of efforts that is part of a strategic plan to move all of us into the future of electrical distribution.  A key part of the plan is education.

Kimberly Lakin, Sales Manager at Graybar

After researching how many companies inside and outside of distribution educate their employees, NAED is recommending each employee receive 40 hours of education a year.  Breaking that down, it’s one week a year.  Or 5 work days.  Or a little less than an hour a week.  You don’t necessarily have to use one of the NAED education products, but we are recommending 40 hours a year.

Along those lines, tED magazine is also highlighting education in 2017.  Each month, we will highlight a company that has made a strong commitment to training and education.  In January, we featured Dallas-based City Electric Supply and its Training Manager Gail Smart.  You can see the story in the “Business” section on page 48.

tED magazine is also highlighting one individual person who is using training to build a career.  This feature will be on the back page of every issue.  In January, we are highlighting Kimberly Lakin, Sales Manager at Graybar.

If you would like more information on NAED education products, you can go to or you can e-mail the association at


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