NAED Annual Campaign Kicks Off

October 1st kicks off the National Association of Electrical Distributors Annual Campaign.  The campaign provides financial support to the NAED Education and Research Foundation.  Just like your children, without education, you can’t have success.

NAED’s Education and Research Foundation has a mission statement that reads, “Provide information and training products that create the most effective channel to the market for distributors, manufacturers, and their customers.”  This is not a one-time situation.  As technology, products and codes change, NAED’s learning tools much change with it.  That takes time and money.

The NAED Foundation will continue its work to develop new educational programs for the supply chain, and continue to make it an easy way for member companies to get their training in all areas.

NAED is launching a new campaign that you will be seeing more of in the coming months called CEP.  It stands for Certified Electrical Professional.  Outside and inside sales representative take the course as a way to learn more about safety.  To date, 679 people have been certified through CEP from 104 companies. At the recent IEC National Conference in Portland, Oregon, a number of contractors learned about the program, and pledged to make sure they will be looking for the CEP certification when they are doing business with distributors.

The Electrical Products Education Course, known as the EPEC program, has already graduated more than 9,000 students.  In fact, many refer to it as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical industry.  NAED continues to upgrade the program, including offering it in foreign languages and starting EPEC Bootcamps.

The NAED Learning Center is more than 6,400 users and has launched more than 55,000 training activities. It is a high impact training program that Mid-State Electrical Supply called, “the most beneficial training resource that our organization has ever used and has allowed our training program to come out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.”

And the Branch Management University offers more than 900 hours of training for managers on customer skills, operations, financial responsibilities and employee management.  It is an essential part of training for recently hired or recently promotes managers at distributor branches.

But all of this training takes money to keep it updated.  There are different levels that you can contribute, depending on how large your distributorship is.  We are asking you to Complete the contribution form, where you will find the suggested amounts to contribute, and then mail it back to NAED.

Some of our members have been contributing to the Annual Campaign for more than 30 years.  We are hoping you will join that group, and use all of the training resources NAED has to offer.

Meanwhile, tED magazine and will continue to tell stories about the benefits of the annual campaign until it ends on June 30, 2014.

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