NAED Endorses the IDEA IDW as Preferred Source of Manufacturer Product, Pricing Information

ARLINGTON, VA – The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) today announces the National Association of Electrical Distributors’ (NAED) official endorsement of IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) as the preferred source of manufacturer product and pricing information for NAED member companies.

NAED now joins the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in its public support of the IDW. IDEA’s IDW efforts address NAED distributor needs and challenges with a commitment to manufacturer data quality and accessibility.

“By subscribing to IDEA services, our distributors are able to plug into the same product information as the rest of the supply chain,” said Tom Naber, president and CEO, NAED. “A growing number of our members rely on the IDW to gain access to a comprehensive database where they can exchange quality and reliable data that is assessed to meet industry standards. IDEA’s commitment to working with manufacturers to increase and improve this information through the Data Certification Program helps address our industry’s need for high-quality data and allows our distributors to maintain focus on their number one priority – their business.”

IDEA’s IDW provides distributors with secure access to accurate and timely manufacturer product and pricing information, aggregated in one standardized, centralized source. Data in the IDW is regularly updated by manufacturers and is thoroughly evaluated against industry standards and best practices to ensure quality, consistency, and completeness. The IDW also facilitates communication between distributors and manufactures with tools such as the Data Quality Reporting Tool, through which distributors can report incongruous data directly to manufacturers and IDEA.

IDEA recently announced that it has partnered with Stibo Systems to power the next-generation IDW. With this new platform, NAED distributors will benefit from an easier onboarding process, a simpler communication channel between the entire supply chain, and enhanced visibility of manufacturer information. This investment in a new state-of-the-art platform aims to better address current user challenges and industry needs, and ensures that IDEA will be capable of evolving to meet the future needs of electrical distributors, as well.

“We’re constantly working to improve the user experience and ease-of-business for our distributor customers,” said Paul Molitor, President and CEO, IDEA. “NAED’s endorsement of the IDW provides us with an indication that we’re on the right track, and further fuels our dedication to supporting and serving the channel in the best way possible.”


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