NAED Launches New Talent Development Conference

NAED Launches New Talent Development Conference

Just in time for NAED’s new Leadership Development Program, the National Association of Electrical Distributors is launching a new Talent Development Conference for Human Resources professionals who oversee training, learning, and development of employees.

Unlike other HR conferences that host companies in a wide variety of industries, the NAED Talent Development Conference will focus the entire agenda on helping members of NAED only. “While there are many excellent conferences available for talent development professionals, only NAED offers this specific perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing training and development specialists in our industry,” Kelly Jones, Director of Learning and Program Content for NAED told tED magazine. The two-day conference will also allow time for HR representatives from distributor-member companies to discuss the training program during roundtable discussions, and see how NAED’s education and development products and programs are designed specifically for them.

HR and talent development departments have typically taken a backseat to more numbers-oriented departments like marketing and business development. But as the business landscape evolves, many companies are viewing HR and talent development as a strategic part of the business. Today’s organizations have realized HR can greatly enhance and develop a business thanks to advances in psychology, data analytics, and recruiting.

NAED Talent Development Conference gives attendees the tools and knowledge needed to become a key player in helping their organizations succeed as well as in helping themselves. Attendees at this event learn industry best practices and have opportunities to network and share ideas in a non-competitive environment.

Attendees will also get a preview of NAED’s Building a Connected Business Program, which is a major research project NAED is preparing to release to its members in the near future.

During the conference, attendees will see case studies of on successful NAED education programs, learn about how NAED maps courses for individuals, and get a head start on the upcoming Leadership Development Program that NAED will begin offering later this year. “This conference will be the first opportunity for members to experience our new leadership development program and to see a demo of our new Learning Center (LMS),” – Kitty Lasinski, Education Product Manager, said. “In addition to valuable, applicable content, we also have fun activities planned to give attendees the chance to network and build peer relationships within the industry.”

“The Talent Development Conference will provide HR and L&D professionals with meaningful networking, industry-specific best-practices, and strategies for utilizing NAED resources,” Jones added.

The conference will also help HR departments find the time needed to make sure employees are doing the training they need to be successful.

The Talent Development Conference begins October 2-4 in Dallas, Texas. It comes just a few weeks before NAED will launch a major Leadership Development Program for all members of NAED who are either currently managing a staff or could potentially become a manager in the future. HR representatives can register for the Talent Development Conference by clicking here.




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