NAED Launches Theft And Fraud Survey

Three years ago, the NAED Foundation Channel Advantage Partnership published the first theft and fraud research study to better measure its prevalence throughout the industry.  Members shared their stores and participated in the survey, which pointed to one conclusion – the magnitude of theft and fraud within the industry was extensive.  In fact, 80% of respondents had experienced some sort of theft, mainly from their own employees. Additional statistics further underscored the severity of the issue:

 84% said that product theft by employees was the dominant theft issue they faced – wire, tools, and batteries were reported as the top three most stolen items.

73% of surveyed companies had dismissed at least one employee in the past two years for dishonest practices

83% also reported that they had experienced theft by outside sources

Has the situation improved or worsened in the past few years? To determine any changes, NAED is inviting you to take an updated survey on the score of theft and fraud at your company, and what countermeasures you currently have in place.

Click here to participate in the survey

Two people who take the survey will be randomly drawn and win a $100 AmEx gift card.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and will help NAED trach any trends or new areas of concern.  Please note that your responses are confidential.  If you have questions, you can contact Aqila Teen, NAED Researcher, or Erika TenEyck, Research & Development Manager.



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