NAED Supports Tax Reform Package

NAED Government Affairs Vice-President Ed Orlet has written a letter in support of comprehensive tax reform, including tax reduction, preserving LIFO and eliminating the death tax. Several items in the plan will greatly benefit members of NAED, if it passes.

Read the letter below:


Speaker Ryan and Chairman Brady:

Thank you for your leadership pushing forward comprehensive tax reform that simplifies the tax code while lowering rates on all businesses. We are in support of your “better way” tax reform proposal.

The member wholesalers of the National Association of Electrical Distributors are committed to growing our local economies and providing American jobs. Our membership includes more than 500 distributors and manufacturers of electrical products nationwide. The current tax code acts as a significant obstacle to job creators in our industry and in the economy at large.

Our members deserve a “better way” to serve their community, but the complexity of the current tax code takes them away from their core business and forces them to fill out pages and pages of tax forms. This proposal will greatly reduce the compliance cost and time our business owner members spend on paying taxes.

We find several parts of this tax reform blueprint encouraging including: reducing taxes on individuals and businesses to significantly lower levels, eliminating double taxation like AMT and the death tax, preserving LIFO, and providing full expensing for capital purchases.

We look forward to working with you to pass comprehensive tax reform that will help industries like ours by simplifying our overly complicated tax code.


Edward M. Orlet
Vice President, Government Affairs

National Association of Electrical Distributors


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