NAED Urges Members to Support 179D Tax Deduction for Energy Efficient Buildings

The National Association of Electrical Distributors released this letter Tuesday to urge their members to support the extension of Sec. 179D (Tax Deduction for Energy Efficient Buildings):

Negotiations on an extenders package continue. After ongoing discussions about a larger package that included some permanence to business and family provisions, there have been indications that negotiators are pivoting to a two-year or one-year package.

Although the Senate Finance Committee-approved extenders package includes an extension and some positive modification to Sec. 179D, the House has remained silent on the issue. Click here to download the proposed extenders package. This package is a two-year extenders package, extending both extenders for two years retroactively for 2015 and prospectively for 2016, but it does not include the Senate Finance Committee’s improvements.

As negotiations continue, it is a critical time to weigh in strong support of Sec. 179D with key policymakers to urge them to extend Sec. 179D and to include the Senate Finance Committee reforms.

“We are in danger of Congress punting this issue yet again,” said Ed Orlet, vice president of government affairs for NAED. “We need to make it clear that we will not accept short-term fixes. The industry demands longer-term certainty.”

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NAED is one of the nearly 60 business, trade, government, energy efficiency, and other organizations that make up the Commercial Build Tax Deduction Coalition. We’re urging our members to encourage Congress to extend and increase the 179D Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction.

Click here to read the Sec. 179D Coalition letter, which was circulated last week.


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