NAED Webinar Series To Focus On Partnerships

NAED Webinar Series To Focus On Partnerships

The numbers themselves stand out as a cause for concern. The quotes that follow them are nothing short of shocking.

For those of you who attended the education sessions at the recent NAED region conferences, you know about the groundbreaking research NAED and Dirk Beveridge just wrapped up. Beveridge, the founder of UnleashWD, presented the findings in front of full rooms of conference attendees. They overwhelmingly enjoyed the presentation, and now believe they need to work on strengthening their partnerships in this supply chain.

We are going to help. Beginning Friday, March 4 at 2:00pm Eastern and 1:00pm Central, NAED is hosting the first of 5 webinars on ways to improve your partnerships. It starts very simply, with Beveridge working alongside NAED Research and Development Manager Erika TenEyck and tED magazine Publisher Scott Costa, to simply show you the results of the survey. Titled “The Numbers Tell the Story”, we will show you how manufacturers and distributors feel about their partnerships with each other. To give you a hint, we can say in advance that 91% of the people who responded say that they believe there is a need to reimagine how they work together. The numbers, results, and quotes about the partnerships grow even more surprising than that. Beveridge, TenEyck, and Costa will break down those results and provide the analysis you need to begin this process of strengthening your personal supply chain.

Some of the responses from manufacturers and distributors who took the survey include:

“Yet something just doesn’t feel right.”

“(They) have not demonstrated a spirit of partnership. It’s been about what we can do for them. Period.”

“(We) can’t commit to them unless there is a mutual strategy.”

After that, the other webinars will focus on “Attacking the Issue of Trust”, “A Call to Reimagine Partnerships”, “Nine Big Questions”, and “Cisco’s Strategic Alliance”. All of the webinars will provide you with more than just results—also answers and strategies you will need as you face outside competition to your current channel partnerships.

You can register for “Reimagining Distributor & Manufacturer Relationships: The Numbers Tell the Story”, which is the first webinar in this series, by clicking this link.


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