NAILD Announces 57 New Lighting Specialist Graduates

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J. –­ The National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD) announced 57 new graduates of its Lighting Specialist (LS) I and II training programs.

“Our training programs help lighting professionals learn the basics of lighting and technology and focus on applying those lighting principles at their customer’s facilities,” said Kevin Eagan, NAILD’s president.

The LS I program is geared toward those new to the lighting industry, inside and outside sales employees and employers interested in using this program to supplement their face-to-face training. LS I offers a unique combination of expert technical instruction and hands-on field experience delivered through a user-friendly, self-paced, online approach. The program was modified last year to help members better understand how and when to transition their customers from traditional technologies to solid state lighting (LEDs).

The following participants have completed the newest version of the NAILD LS I training program, “The Transition of Legacy Sources to LED”:

  • Floyd Fanning – 3E
  • Steve Jimenez – American Electric Supply, Inc.
  • David Gomez – Associated of Los Angeles
  • Sean Retting – Blazer Electric Supply Co.
  • Ashley Baker –
  • Jennifer Gallivan –
  • Marissa Lemoine –
  • Brittany Rizzitano – ­
  • Neil Gilmore – Clinton Electrical & Plumbing Supply, Inc.
  • Matt Bowen – Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc.
  • Chris Anthony – Crescent & Sprague Supply Co.
  • Julie Wood – Dakota Supply Group
  • Nathan Cator – Dunn Electric Supply
  • Brent Henley – Edwards Supply Co.
  • Mark Owens – Electric Supply, Inc. (FL)
  • Cecil Chavez – FSG
  • Stacy Gerlach – FSG
  • Bob Girten – FSG
  • Wes McIntire – FSG
  • Ryan Openshaw – FSG
  • Alicia Renstrom – FSG
  • Josh Corson – Gordon Electric Supply Inc.
  • Ryan Shore – Gordon Electric Supply Inc.
  • Megan Masters – Green Creative
  • Christopher Certain – Harry Cooper Supply Co.
  • Amy English – J.H. Larsen Company ­ Corporate
  • Ileana Domini – Las Vegas Winlectric Co.
  • Riley Maroon – LED Supply Co.
  • Pat Morrissey – Light Bulbs Etc. Inc.
  • Greg Brannan – Lighting Supply Co.
  • Christine Burk – Lighting Supply Co.
  • Rose Rivard – Lighting Supply Co.
  • Travis Blow – Lighting Unlimited Inc.
  • John Eggen – Lighting Unlimited Inc.
  • Anthony Gallegos – Lighting Unlimited Inc.
  • Joey Thompson – Lighting Unlimited Inc.
  • Robert Winterstein – Lighting Unlimited Inc.
  • Mike Kleppel – Mars Electric
  • Arlene Quinton – National Electric Supply
  • David Armstrong – Pacific Lamp & Supply Co.
  • Adrienne Jones – Pacific Lamp & Supply Co.
  • Chad Heater –
  • Brittany Hiddle –
  • Erin Killeen –
  • Libby Shauinger –
  • Ian Fuentes – Standard Electric Co.
  • Sarah Griffin – State Line Lighting, Inc.
  • Jena Jenkins – State Line Lighting, Inc.
  • Kristen Sutherland – State Line Lighting, Inc.
  • Kathy Carlson – Thayer Lighting, Inc.
  • Eric Shrum – Tri State Supply Co., Inc.
  • Hershell Morgan – Two Wire Electric Supply Co.
  • Robert Pettit – Wattsaver Lighting Products, Inc.

“As the industry continues to shift, it’s important for lighting professionals to stay on top of their game and understand how these changes will affect their customers; our training programs help them do just that,” Eagan added.

Shifting the learning focus from lighting products to customer sales techniques, the LS II training program helps participants better understand how to help their customers meet their business needs as they relate to lighting. LS II is a tool to help move a distributor’s staff from the role of “product provider” to the role of “solution provider.” Participants must have successfully completed LS I or have at least one year of outside or inside sales experience with project lighting before enrolling in LS II.

The following participants have completed the NAILD LS II training program:

  • Eddie Kolomiyets – Satco Products
  • Ellie Kowal –
  • Steve Adkins – Womack Electric Supply Co.
  • Robin Davis – United Electric Supply

For more information on NAILD’s Lighting Specialist training programs, visit


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