NetPricer Teams With IDEA To Link ConEst To Industry Data Warehouse

NetPricer, an online material price update service that provides access to your distributor’s material pricing, along with ElectricSmarts Network and IDEA announced today that ConEst  has successfully integrated their IntelliBid estimating software with IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), for updating the List/3rd column price.  ConEst has also added the capability to import items directly from ElectricSmarts’ online catalog, Smart eCat, into the IntelliBid database.

Both of these new integrations give ConEst customers the ability to utilize the new suite of products from ElectricSmarts called Esmarts’ NetPak.  ConEst users will have access to the entire electrical industry anytime, anywhere with searchable eCatalogs, certified product data, industry calculators and conversion tables, product specifications, and distributor pricing (through NetPricer) – with access to all of this from your desktop, mobile app or your ConEst program.

“Winning estimates is all about combining speed with accuracy – NetPricer’s new features give IntelliBid users the best of both,” said George Hague, President and CEO of ConEst. “We’re proud to be the first to provide certified trade pricing, validated from the manufacturers, from industry leader IDEA. Coupled with InteliBid’s new integration with Smart eCat, these new features give estimators the pricing and certified product data they need to generate more winning bids faster than ever.”

Having a wholesale trade price, also known as 3rd column pricing, certified directly by the manufacturers, is a first for the industry and made possible by NetPak’s exclusive link to IDEA’s Data Warehouse. With IntelliBid’s integration to this data, estimators can now simply click an update button to refresh pricing for all recently changed items or across the entire database.

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