New WattStopper Videos Explore Digital Control Infrastructure Capabilities

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – WattStopper rolled out a new video series focusing on the expanded capabilities of the company’s award-winning Digital Lighting Management (DLM) technology platform. The videos, exploring the functionality of DLM relay panels, include design tips, in-depth tutorials on panel configuration, and maximizing the power of the platform by combining DLM devices. Design professionals will take away valuable insights spanning basic stand-alone panel operation in retrofit applications all the way to native integration with other building systems via BACnet.

Charles Knuffke, Vice President of Systems, explains, “Because these panels are so powerful, designers and other building professionals will appreciate the extensive design detail covered in these videos. Virtually every control objective is within reach with this panel and the other devices available on the DLM technology platform.”

An introductory video explains how designers can layer control strategies to meet the requirements of increasingly complex energy codes and improve building performance. Part 1 of the tutorial series demonstrates setting up the panel, creating control groups, and creating simple autonomous on/off schedules. Part 2 includes instruction on advanced scheduling for normal and after hours, using complex parameters to optimize energy management. Part 3 is a demonstration of how to easily combine panels with other DLM devices such as switches, occupancy sensors and room controllers for advanced performance.

The videos are part of WattStopper’s extensive YouTube library, produced to support and educate customers about lighting control best practices. To view the videos, visit WattStopper’s Multimedia Center.

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