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New Year. New Look.

New Year. New Look.

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

We are kicking off 2017 with a bang by introducing a new look for tED magazine. We have updated our cover, each section of the magazine, and the product section. 

But the important part is we have not wavered on our purpose and brand for you, which is to provide the best content related to the biggest topics impacting this supply chain.  When it comes to our content, we are not changing a thing.

We will still be covering topics like threats from the online giants and DIY chains, how to recruit, hire and retain the next generation of the workforce, building a distributorship for the future, strengthening partnerships, and key sales tips for 2017.

Each section of the new look for the magazine now has its own color.   The Current section is red, the Business section is blue, and the Selling section is green.  The font is a little bolder and slightly larger.  We are re-designing the look of the monthly columns from NAED President Tom Naber and NAED Chair Larry Stern.

But the new look does not change one important part of tED magazine.  The coverage stays the same.  Our writers are working with the best experts we can find to tackle the tough issues we face every day and every month. We are able to keep you ahead of the threats, changes and innovations by having such an aggressive and talented group of writers working every month on the articles you need and want to read. 

I am extremely confident that magazine editor Misty Byers will continue to lead this group of writers and provide this content.  It’s always smart to have a great leader, and Misty fills the role every day.

So, we look a little different.  Actually, a little updated.  We hope you like the new tED magazine look.  But more important, we hope you love the same extensive tED magazine coverage of this supply chain.  We have more expansion on the horizon, but I’ll hold off on telling you about that for another day.

Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts or comments on the tED magazine redesign, or anything else, you are welcome to contact me at scosta@naed.org or 314-812-5311.



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