Nora Lighting Appoints New Manager

Nora Lighting Appoints New Manager

COMMERCE, Calif. — Nora Lighting President and CEO Fred Farzan has announced the appointment of Courtney Brown as Energy and Utility Program manager, a new position at the lighting manufacturer. Brown will oversee Nora’s participation in all utility rebate programs nationally for energy efficient Nora lighting products.

“Courtney’s appointment demonstrates Nora’s commitment to manufacturing energy efficient products and to assisting our distributors, sales reps and end-users by helping them take advantage of all utility rebate programs nationwide,” said Farzan.

By identifying and categorizing utility rebate programs across the U.S., Nora will be creating an enormously useful reference database that will be of value to our internal staff and to Nora’s outside sales and distribution network, reported Farzan.

Brown will also oversee all energy efficiency qualification standards, such as those required by Energy Star and the Design Lights Consortium (DLC). Products that meet these standard guidelines can often be purchased by consumers at incentivized discounts.

“Many Nora products already meet rigorous energy efficiency standards because they are engineered by our staff to meet or exceed the highest certification specs,” said Neda Farzan, Nora Business Development Manager.

“For example, Nora Cobalt retrofits, commercial Sapphire downlights and LED Edge-Lit Panels are rebate incentivized in many areas, which contributes to their wide popularity. As our sales team and consumers become more aware of lighting rebate programs, Courtney and the Nora staff can help guide them through the qualification process,” she said.

Brown comes to Nora with a professional background in energy program management. She recently worked with a consulting firm in Los Angeles that implemented an energy efficiency program for Southern California Edison, and she has also worked in Washington, DC, for a natural gas trade association developing energy efficiency policies. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and also received a master’s degree in Environmental and Regulatory Public Policy from Georgetown University.



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