NRDC blog post praises WESCO’s energy efficiency growth

Blogger Dylan Sullivan posted a glowing item on WESCO and energy efficiency on Switchboard, the National Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) staff blog.

Sullivan writes that WESCO “looks at energy efficiency and sees serious business opportunities.”

He also explains how the company has added jobs in energy efficiency. Sullivan writes, “WESCO’s efficiency work there [in Ohio] is already creating jobs. At just one of the company’s Ohio offices, five people now work on energy efficiency, up from two employees three years ago.”

According to the NRDC blogger, other companies are benefiting from WESCO’s energy efficiency focus. “WESCO is helping clients like Kohl’s department store, Bob Evans restaurants, and The Limited Companies retail shops do a lot more work with a lot less juice,” Sullivan writes.

Billy Grayson, WESCO’s director of sustainability, is quoted in the blog item, saying, “We’d love to be doing a billion dollars’ worth of work in this area [energy efficiency] in five years.” For reference, Sullivan pointed out that WESCO’s 2010 sales were $5 billion.

Grayson also referenced “a sense of corporate responsibility for mitigating climate change, and customers up and down the supply chain are asking for this…there’s more opportunity in rebuilding current infrastructure than in building new spaces.”

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