Nu-Lite Raises $31,000 for Charity

St. Michael’s students getting ready to hand out plates and utensils to Nu-Lite customers.

Nu-Lite Electrical Wholesalers, headquartered in Harahan, La., has raised over $31,000 on behalf of St. Michael’s Special School during its 5-week charity promotion. St. Michael’s has educated special needs students from the New Orleans metropolitan area since 1965. St. Michael’s is unique in that it provides for the development of the whole child – academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – regardless of their disability. They teach students age 6 -25 years old. The special needs of their students can range from mild to moderate autism, ADHD, developmental delays, and traumatic brain injury to those with multiple disabilities and other health impairments.

St. Michael’s students serving bread to Nu-Lite customers.

For the past 7 years Nu-Lite has selected various local charities to receive the money raised during their annual charity promotion. In those 7 years, Nu-Lite has been able to donate over $200,000 with the support of New Orleans metropolitan area electricians and the participating vendors. Jennifer Gray, Nu-Lite’s Marketing Coordinator said, “This year our customers had a strong connection to St. Michael’s Special School. Everyone seemed to know someone who is currently attending or has attended St. Michael’s. I have heard so many stories of customers thanking our sales staff and drivers for helping these students. We even invited a few St. Michael’s students to help our employees welcome and serve customers during our annual Customer Appreciation Steak Cookout that took place in the middle of the 5-week promotion. The customers loved getting to know these wonderful students and learn more about the school.”

On Dec. 19th, Joe Impastato (General Manager), Jennifer Gray (Marketing Coordinator), Kevin Corales (Project Quotations), and Jeff Corales (Outside Sales) presented the check at St. Michael’s to its students during an assembly. Principal/President Tish Sauerhoff gave them a tour of the school to view the students learning in their classrooms. During the tour she explained that a portion of the school’s budget comes from the various fundraisers they have throughout the year. Without it the school could not operate. Tish Sauerhoff said, “This past year’s fundraising had fallen $30,000 short of our 2018 budget goal. As we were worrying and trying to figure out how to come up with the additional funds, we received a call from Nu-Lite. We couldn’t have been more appreciative that Nu-Lite chose to support us this year. To see a business that strives to “Keep it local” helping out our students was incredible.”

Front Row: St. Michael’s students
Back row: Jeff Corales (Nu-Lite, Outside Sales), Jennifer Gray (Nu-Lite, Marketing Coordinator), Joe Impastato (Nu-Lite, General Manager), Kevin Corales (Nu-Lite, Project Quotations)

The vendors who contributed to this year’s charity were Encore Wire, Philips, Western Tube and Conduit, Leviton, Square D by Schneider Electric, Burndy, Ideal Industries, Eaton/Cooper Lighting/B-Line/Crouse-Hinds and Bridgeport. Without the support from these vendors the annual charity fundraising would not be possible.


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