OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard Vaccine Mandate

OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard Vaccine Mandate

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued this Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) Vaccine Mandate, as shared this morning from NAED’s coalition partners, the Coalition for Workplace Safety:

“The deadline for workers to receive their shots will be the same for the OSHA rule, the CMS rule, and the previously-announced federal contractor vaccination requirement… January 4, 2022.”  The fact sheet also notes that ‘OSHA is also clarifying that it will not apply its new rule to workplaces covered by either the CMS rule or the federal contractor vaccination requirement. And, both OSHA and CMS are making clear that their new rules preempt any inconsistent state or local laws, including laws that ban or limit an employer’s authority to require vaccination, masks, or testing.’ Importantly, ‘[w]hile the testing requirement for unvaccinated workers will begin after January 4th, employers must be in compliance with all other requirements – such as providing paid-time for employees to get vaccinated and masking for unvaccinated workers – on December 5th.'”

Members are invited to get more information about this and attend law firm Husch-Blackwell’s live webinar tomorrow, November 5th from 11:00 am to noon (CDT). Register here.

More specifics can be found on this previously embargoed fact sheet.

You can find the ETS materials on OSHA’s website and the ETS on the federal register inspection desk.


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