Pacific Gas & Electric honors OneSource Supply Solutions with green award

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has named OneSource Supply Solutions, LLC its “Green Supplier of the Year.” Over the past few years, OneSource has implemented many green initiatives with the mentorship of Des Bell, PG&E’s senior vice president of safety & shared services and Justina Louie, PG&E’s senior program manager of the sustainable supply chain program.

OneSource’s recognition is a result of demonstrated strong environmental performance and implementation of a business model that provides for best practices in product distribution.

OneSource’s Green Supply initiative review process began with an extensive case study performed by the University of California, Berkeley. Their analysis and recommendations of the company’s Greenhouse Gas footprint (GHG footprint) with relation to the products and services provided to PG&E was the initial stepping stone. Darrin Allen, director of quality and process, led the way to successful ISO 14001 certification of four OneSource facilities in California (Oakland, Oceanside, Buena Park, and San Diego). Both initiatives were sponsored by PG&E.

The following accomplishments are examples of some practices and programs OneSource has implemented on its path to becoming a “Green Supplier:”

  • Initiated an environmental tracking system to track comprehensive reductions in Green House Gases (GHG). This program involved managing in-bound and out-bound shipments, consolidating full truck loads, utilizing sea-going containers and the use of rail versus over-the-road shipments.
  • Instituted web-based tracking system within its organization to measure and track overall environmental goals including recycling of packing and shipping materials, wood, paper, plastic, cans and bottles.
  • Retrofitted all of facilities with energy-saving lamps and energy management controls to minimize energy consumption.
  • Hosted “Energy Week” for employees and customers. This program promoted recycling efforts, power and water conservation and introduced new energy efficient products awareness in the market place.
  • Presented and participated in 2011 Alliance Sustainability forum in order to learn and share new green technologies being implemented by companies in similar businesses.

“Our strong partnership with PG&E and the tremendous support from Des and Justina enabled our company to make great strides in our Green Program in a relatively short time period (3 years),” said Mike Smith, president and COO of OneSource Supply Solutions. “I must also congratulate Darrin Allen for not only completing our journey to ISO 14001 certification, but for achieving certification in four locations.”

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