Paramont EO Praised in Customer Service Survey

Paramont EO Praised in Customer Service Survey

WOODRIDGE, Ill. — When Paramont EO asked their customers to “give them hell,” they got love in return.

Paramont drivers received the most “love” with a 92 percent satisfaction rating in the Give Us Love or Give Us Hell survey conducted earlier this year. Drivers make more than 3,500 deliveries, transporting Paramont materials throughout the greater Chicagoland area with an average of 100,000 individual items delivered to customers each month. Even with this many items leaving the warehouses, drivers and warehouse staff are able to achieve a fill rate accuracy of 99.5 percent.

“We are always looking to give our customers an A+ experience and it’s great knowing that our drivers, who are the company representatives that most customers come into contact with, are so professional,” said Erica Gallagher, chief technology and marketing officer at Paramont EO. “Seeing words like reliable, dependable, helpful, and friendly in the comments section of the survey lets us know our drivers are giving a great customer experience.”

Other survey results included:

  • 87 percent were satisfied with product availability and another 10 percent rated Paramont EO downright “telepathic” in meeting customer product needs.
  • Inside sales (93 percent) outperformed Paramont EO outside sales reps by a slim margin in customer satisfaction.
  • Nine out of 10 customers would recommend Paramont EO to other contractors.

Customer love aside, Paramont EO used its recent customer survey as a learning tool to further understand what their customers need.

“One of the Paramont EO customer experience insights we gleaned from our recent opinion survey is that one-third of our customers are not familiar with our many money- and time-saving value-added services,” Gallagher said. “While we love hearing wonderful things from our customers, it’s important we learn what areas we can improve upon or are not communicating well enough. We’re going to work to improve awareness and education about these ‘ease of doing business’ offerings.”

The company’s industry-leading value-added services include project staging and phasing of materials; dedicated space for pre-fabrication; enhanced cable solutions such as paralleling cable of any color onto chambered reels and attaching pulling heads as needed; 3-D modeling for efficient and accurate lighting design build applications and BIM.

“We schedule energy audits to evaluate a facility’s energy-efficient lighting opportunities and potential energy-cost savings,” Gallagher said. “Our lighting division can then design, spec and manage a lighting upgrade project, as well as help your customers get the utility rebates they’re entitled to for installing energy-efficient lighting. In pre-construction, our 3-D modeling really helps clients visualize and understand what their finished project will look like, then our project services like staging and phasing help manage the project by reducing errors with a smooth delivery of the right materials at the right time for a consistent workflow.”

For more than 50 years Paramont EO, a family owned and operated electrical supply company has turned thousands of unique lighting needs into thousands of satisfied customers. The company’s unmatched product knowledge, commitment to energy efficiency, 3-D modeling capabilities, and strategically located facilities are some of the features that set them apart in the Chicago area.

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