Partex Marking Systems Gives Back Globally

Most of us know Partex Marking Systems as the global leader in identification products. Not everyone is aware that their good work extends even further, taking place quietly and out of the public eye.  I’m talking about the strong focus that the Partex group places upon giving back, and in offering assistance to those in need.

“In my family, it has always been a matter of course to stand up for others,” says Sophie Loof, the third generation co-owner of Partex, and founder of The Loof Foundation.  The Loof Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to contribute to the development and well-being of others, both locally and globally.  It does this by promoting the care and education of children and young people.  A strong focus on environmental and social aid activities rounds out their efforts nicely and has produced amazing results that have changed a number of lives for the better.

Sophie has every reason to be proud of their recent successes.  The Loof Foundation has recently completed a two year project where the foundation, along with ambassadors from Partex Marking Systems, collaborated with Hand In Hand India, to ‘adopt’ the village of Panapuram, in India.

Their efforts resulted in the establishment of new schools in the village, entrepreneurship education for women, the completion of 5 medical camps, veterinary camps, and 25 toilets being built. They also conducted training sessions focused on democracy, computer literacy, and environmental studies.  To date, 1210 trees have been planted to provide shade and to prevent soil erosion. Two water cleaning tanks were donated for the schools and two syntax tanks are providing clean water to 135 households.

“In my life, it’s been important to feel an involvement in social issues and to give something to someone else,” says Sophie.  “It gives me the feeling that my life is meaningful.  I think everybody benefits from focusing on others’ well-being and development”.

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