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Preview: Industry steps-up to support communities hit by Hurricane Sandy

“I can only describe it as Armageddon; in my 26 years in this business I’ve never seen such mass destruction with so many entire towns wiped out across such a large area,” Jim Dunn, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Warshauer Electric Supply (Tinton Falls, NJ), said. At their Jersey shore-based headquarters, “we lost power for over two weeks but ran on full generator power until our utility power was restored. We’d never stayed open 24/7 before, but we did at times during Sandy and the following weeks; it was surreal to be waiting on contractors at 3 or 4 a.m.”

Throughout the affected areas, tales of heroism prevailed and numerous providers of electrical products who were in a position to assist their communities went above and beyond to reach out to their neighbors, help restore connectivity, and begin the rebuilding process.

There are more stories like this—people who worked like they have never worked before, just so they can help their neighbors start to recover. This story still hasn’t gone away, and in our January issue of tED magazine, we’re going to show you the efforts that are still going on today to recover and rebuild through the eyes of our industry.

Photo courtesy of: Facility Solutions Group

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