Registration Open: UnleashWD Innovation Summit Offers Special Pricing for 10 Days

Registration Open: UnleashWD Innovation Summit Offers Special Pricing for 10 Days

CHICAGO—From May 9 to May 18, special registration pricing providing 20 percent savings is available for Dirk Beveridge’s fifth annual UnleashWD conference, taking place in Chicago, October 19-20, 2016.

UnleashWD features thought leaders outside of distribution whose vision has shaped companies, industries, even entire nations. Short, TED style presentations followed by proprietary Lift & Shift™ sessions give participants the opportunity to interact with speakers, in a format unique to UnleashWD.

Beveridge says “The distribution industry is experiencing massive disruption. Business models that served us well for decades are being challenged in unprecedented ways. Digital technology, changing customer demands and alternative channels have shifted the landscape entirely.”

At UnleashWD, distribution leaders from all lines of trade come together to gain the insight, understanding, and tools necessary to stay relevant, and thrive during these times of unprecedented change.

President of Beveridge Consulting, and Founder of UnleashWD, Dirk Beveridge is known for his straightforward style and pragmatic approach to solving business challenges, and his innovation summit gets rave reviews, across all lines of trade from attendees.

Doug Jones, President of Hines Supply said, “Over the past five years we’ve had to change and we’ve grown our lumber business from a $5 million to $110 million business.  I attribute a lot of that to coming to UnleashWD and getting the courage to take some risks, and look at things differently. Maybe we wouldn’t have done that without having this foundation of change, and trying to be relevant.”

Jeff Hughes, CEO of ISA said, “UnleashWD has been one of the most profound and useful professional development experiences I’ve ever experienced.”

For To take advantage of this special pricing and for more information, visit www.unleashwd.com.


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