RepFiles Users Can Now Upload and Manage Their Own Content

NORCROSS, Ga. — RepFiles is pleased to announce MyFiles, a new feature added to its files delivery system that enables registered RepFiles users to upload and manage their own content inside the RepFiles mobile app. MyFiles further supports RepFiles’s ability to provide sales personnel with quick and easy access to the sales and marketing collateral they need while in the field and in front of customers. In addition, MyFiles now gives users the ability to personalize that content and furthermore serve as a one-stop shop for the sales collateral they need.

External files from other apps installed on a user’s device can now be sent to the RepFiles app and uploaded to the user’s MyFiles Plugin. If users are authorized to access other RepFiles Plugins, they can also copy files from these Plugins to their MyFiles Plugin. Each registered RepFiles user is allotted one gigabyte of storage inside their MyFiles Plugin.

Inside the MyFiles Plugin, users have access to the same features available inside other Plugins, along with the ability to rename, copy, cut, paste and delete files as well as create new folders. The content is also synced across devices, so any uploaded files or other changes made to a user’s MyFiles Plugin on one device will be reflected inside the MyFiles Plugin on another device. Users decide per device whether files are downloaded for offline use for stored in the cloud.

Examples of ways in which RepFiles users can use MyFiles include:

  • Creating folders for upcoming sales meetings containing the materials they plan to reference or share with the customer.
  • Sending files stored in other apps or attached to emails to the RepFiles app so all materials are available in one location on a user’s device.
  • Adding frequently used files from other RepFiles Plugins to their MyFiles Plugin for quick and easy access.
  • Uploading key files from manufacturers who are currently not participating with RepFiles.

RepFiles is offering access to MyFiles for any registered user who completes the online survey found here: Users will be authorized to access MyFiles within 48 hours of submitting their survey responses. Once authorized, users will receive an email notification and the MyFiles Plugin icon will appear on their app’s main screen with a green lock. They can then install the Plugin and begin adding content. More information regarding MyFiles along with a demo video can be found here:

In addition to managing their own content through MyFiles, RepFiles users can continue to access their manufacturers’ sales and marketing content through the RepFiles app under a single user account. To begin, sales reps should download the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. Distributors should download the RepFiles NAED Edition app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. If users do not have access to the Windows Store (available on computers or tablets running Windows 8 or later), they can access the same manufacturer Plugins and Plugin content, along with their MyFiles Plugin and Plugin content, using RepFiles PC.

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RepFiles, LLC is dedicated to increasing the efficiency, readiness and success of today’s mobile professional by preparing users with a complete package of sales and marketing collateral that is available 24/7. Current applications designed for the electrical industry include the NEMRA Edition, NAED Edition and other customer-branded applications. For more information, visit or contact


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