Report: GE to Fix Global Gas Turbine Problem

Report: GE to Fix Global Gas Turbine Problem

According to a report by Reuters,  utilities will be shutting down at least 18 of General Electric’s new gas turbines, citing the need for blade repairs and problems with oxidation.

GE is reportedly setting aside $480 million to repair three models of the turbine, the 9HA, 7HA and 9FB, but did not say how many of the 130 turbines it has produced are impacted.  Utilities in France, Taiwan and the United States have shut down or plan to shut down the turbines.

In an interview with Reuters, GE’s gas power systems CEO Chuck Nugent says 99 percent of the GE turbines are performing well, despite some need for early maintenance. Utilities in Texas and Pennsylvania have reported shutting down the GE turbines because of problems, but add the GE has been helpful with repairs and installed new blades for free under warranties.

French data shows GE turbine failures created 18 outages over an 18 month period, more than double the outages from turbines made by Siemens and Alstom, a company GE acquired three years ago. GE responded by saying it admits to some of the outages, but others may have been caused by other equipment failures at the plants.

Demand for gas turbines has dropped dramatically, creating strong competition as utilities look to wind and solar capabilities to produce energy because they are less costly.  GE told Reuters utilities still have a strong interest in its HA model turbines.

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