Rexel adds $112 million in annual sales with big buy in France

With the just-announced purchase of Société Commerciale Toutelectric of southwest France, Rexel SA said it extended “its geographical footprint.”

The acquired company also had annual sales of roughly $112 million through 37 branches.

If the words “Rexel acquires” are starting to sound monotonous, here’s a tally of its purchases of other companies since February:

  • Feb. 1 Rexel acquired Liteco of Canada with annual sales of $66 million.
  • Feb. 6 Rexel bought two companies in Brazil, becoming the leading electrical distributor in that country. Together, annual sales were estimated at $132 million.
  • Feb. 27 Rexel added Wilts Wholesale of the UK, with 59 branches. Yearly sales here were estimated at nearly $79 million.
  • March 1 Rexel tacked on LaGrange of Belgium, with annual sales at roughly $66 million.

Over 72 days, Rexel SA of Paris announced acquisitions in five countries. The total annual sales of these enterprises are estimated at roughly $455 million (using the current exchange rate of 1 euro = $1.32).

In 2011, Rexel’s sales were about $16.8 billion. The acquisitions made recently equate to a bit less than 3% of last year’s global sales total.

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