Rexel Energy Solutions Plans to Electrify Commercial Fleet 

Rexel Energy Solutions Plans to Electrify Commercial Fleet 
Rexel Energy Solutions’ Chevy Bolt charging at a ChargePoint DC Fast Charging Station in Rhode Island.

TAUNTON, Mass. – Rexel Energy Solutions (RES) has announced its plans to begin electrifying its commercial fleet across the country, with the goal of being 100% electric before 2030. As a distributor of EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment), including Level 2 and direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations, RES has become a leader in the EV charging space and is now electrifying its own fleet to play a critical role in the space by leading by example and encouraging EV adoption. 

The transition to EVs supports RES’ goals as a leader in carbon reduction, will help meet decarbonization goals, and will help save money on its overall investment with many incentive programs available across the country. With lower fuel costs by using networked charging, significantly lower maintenance costs, and a longer working life, RES will reduce the total cost of ownership even more by electrifying its fleet. 

“Electrifying our fleet aligns with Rexel’s Sustainable Development Strategy, including the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of our operations,” said Christopher Monoson, President and General Manager of Rexel Energy Solutions. “There are numerous financial, operational and environmental benefits, including resilience to fuel price fluctuations, reduced logistics and maintenance costs, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and much more. We will continue to educate our partners in the industry on the benefits of shifting to EV fleets in support of a more sustainable marketplace.” 

RES has already incorporated a Chevy Bolt into its fleet and has delivery vehicles on order. Its plan is to have its first delivery vehicles in service by Q2 2022 and to continue to transition to EVs, including electric vans and trucks, in 2022 and beyond to reach its goal to be 100% electric before 2030. 

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