Rexel Foundation Increases Support for Community Project Initiators

The Rexel Foundation is pursuing its commitment to community projects and social innovation by launching three new projects in the third quarter of 2015, in France and abroad. These partnerships support the action of three organizations in the fields of reconstruction aid, energy efficiency awareness-raising, and vocational training.

Supporting Electricians without Borders with its relocation and rehabilitation initiative 

Since September 2015, the Rexel Foundation has been supporting Electricians without Borders (EWB) with its relocation and rehabilitation initiative in several villages in the valley around Laprak, which was struck by an earthquake on April 25, 2015. Its financial support is intended primarily for the installation of 3,000 lighting kits for families who have been rehoused nearby and the installation of over 100 public lighting units.

Created in 1986, Electricians without Borders is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) operating internationally, whose public utility has been recognized by the French Government. Its 1,000 volunteers work to secure safe and long-lasting access to electricity for the poorest communities and the organizations that help them, including in emergency situations.

Providing support and assistance for the civic “energy transition” services

In France, the Rexel Foundation provides support and assistance for the civic “energy transition” services of 20 young people from underprivileged neighborhoods, in partnership with the association Unis-Cité and with the help of Rexel France employees. From December 2015 to June 2016, within the framework of the Médiaterre project initiated by Unis-Cité, these young people will raise awareness about energy transition issues among disadvantaged individuals and families in Orléans and Seine Saint Denis.

Founded in 1994, Unis-Cité is a pioneering civic service association in France and one of the main operators of this “major national civic service program.” It aims to give young people the opportunity to commit a moment of their lives to the community by engaging in a full-time mission of general interest, as part of a team, for six to nine months.

Raising awareness about professions in the electrical industry

Committed to the vocational training and integration of young people, the Rexel Foundation also partnered with the Teknik Foundation in order to raise awareness about professions in the electrical industry among junior high and high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Launched in April 2015 under the aegis of the anti-exclusion foundation FACE, the Teknik Foundation is developing a nation-wide project whose aim is to impart an interest in the technical industrial fields and promote equal opportunity and diversity. Through skills sponsorship, about 50 Rexel France employees will be involved in developing innovative training modules as well as in leading sessions for junior high and high school students, starting in October 2015. By 2020, 100,000 young people will have benefitted from this initiative and at least 15 regions will be engaged in the project.


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