Rexel’s Website Goes Through Total Redesign

Rexel’s Website Goes Through Total Redesign

The energy world has evolved, as have the players involved. Their number is not only growing, but has become more diverse, demanding, knowledgeable and influential than ever before. Rexel‘s new website has been designed to respond to these changing needs and expectations. Discover its approach, design and characteristics.


  • Accessible on all digital platforms: desktops, tablets, smartphones.
  • Completely integrated in Rexel’s digital ecosystem (e-commerce, subsidiaries and countries, social media…)

At the outset of the project, the Group and its subsidiaries’ goal was to reinforce customer and stakeholder commitment by embodying the Rexel brand in the digital landscape. The new Rexel.com site was designed, first and foremost, to support the new Group strategy placing the customer at the heart of the value-added model. Permeating the entire project, this undertaking lead us to build a site that speaks equally to institutional stakeholders (shareholders and investors, journalists, candidates, employees…), customers and commercial partners. The challenge:  provide a “Rexel experience” tailored to every need that meets our expectations, generates brand preference and stimulates purchasing.

To highlight our expertise and customer focus, the Rexel offer is central to our new site – in both content and navigation.

  • Our offer is presented by customer type, market, solution and service, making clear our activities, specific characteristics and added value
  • The user journeys are designed to facilitate purchasing – just one click to access country or subsidiary buy online sites

Beyond new “business” content, Rexel’s new Group website allows each stakeholder to find answers to their questions and needs through both the user journey and content. The site layout has been designed to unite depth of content with fluid navigation, while a two-layer menu allows a presentation of corporate site “essentials” as well as targeted entries for users with limited time: journalists, shareholders, investors. Each section has a welcome page to orient users and direct access to key pages.

dedicated section has been built to enhance Rexel’s strategic roadmap and its four business imperatives, as well as the trends that underpin our actions. Contents about these trends – Energy Transition, Internet of Things/Connectivity, Urbanization – are provided in the #Energy 3.0 section. This section has a dual purpose: 1) Provide immersive content on the Group’s achievements and commitments in these areas 2) Provide articles from the web magazine Energy 3.0 that present energy efficiency innovations in France and around the world and, more broadly speaking, discuss the convergence of the digital, urbanization and energy worlds.


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