Robroy Industries Announces Change of Leadership

Robroy Industries Announces Change of Leadership

Verona, PA — The Board of Directors of Robroy Industries announces that, after an illustrious 50 year career at Robroy Industries, Peter McIlroy has decided to hand over the leadership reins of the fourth-generation family business to his two sons. Peter will retain his position as Chairman of the Board. Effective immediately Rob McIlroy will be promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Robroy’s President/Chief Operating Officer, David Marshall, and Robroy’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike Deane, will report to Rob. Also effective immediately, Jeff McIlroy will be promoted to Vice Chairman.

Peter joined Robroy in 1965, became President in 1980 and served as Chief Executive Officer for the past 21 years. During his tenure, Peter guided the company through many watershed moments. After leading numerous acquisitions, he decided to decentralize the corporation in 1995. In the process he formed highly autonomous and accountable divisions. This ultimately led to exceptional operating and financial performance. In 2001 Peter successfully took the company private after 50 years of being traded publicly. Peter also instituted the Robroy Vision… a template of integrity, customer focus, quality, technology and employee growth to help guide Robroy associates as they make decisions and envision their future. Peter is stepping down from his role of Chief Executive Officer at the end of 10 consecutive years that have been the most successful years in the long 109 year history of Robroy.

The promotions of Rob McIlroy and Jeff McIlroy mark the successful transition to the fourth generation of family leadership at Robroy Industries. This is a remarkable accomplishment for any family business. The Board of Directors of Robroy Industries regards this succession as a testament to the exceptional and ongoing business practices guided by the ownership, senior management, and all professionals who currently lead and contribute to the success of our organization.

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