Robroy Industries honors SEAL Team Six, American Widow Project founder at NAED dessert reception

At the 2012 NAED Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., Robroy Industries hosted its annual gourmet dessert reception. The guests this year were Jim Smith, Ryan Zinke, and Coleman Ruiz—all men who served with the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Team (known to most as Navy SEAL Team Six). Each man was kind enough to share his time with attendees, not as individual act but as an opportunity for all in attendance to express gratitude for all the other men and women who work in anonymity and in hostile environments to protect our way of life.

Taryn Davis, a 2011 CNN “Top Ten Hero” and founder of the American Widow Project, was also a guest at this year’s reception. Davis’ husband Michael, an Army corporal, was killed in combat in Iraq when she was only 21. Through strength of will and spirit, Davis turned a tragedy into a triumph of human resiliency. The American Widow Project has helped more than 900 families overcome the grief of similar losses and regain health and happiness. As part of its 2012 NAED Dessert Reception, Robroy Industries presented a contribution of $2,500 to Davis’ American Widow Project.

Robroy Industries also gives back to the electrical products industry. Originally, the company gave small personal gifts to each individual attending its annual NAED gourmet dessert reception. Five years ago, however, it was determined that there was a better way to express appreciation. Since that time, including at this year’s NAED National Meeting, Robroy Industries has donated an annual support contribution of $2500 to the NAED Education & Research Foundation on behalf of all persons attending the evening dessert reception.  

The NAED Education & Research Foundation was established in 1969 to further the professional growth and career development of the thousands of people who work in the electrical industry. The NAED Education and Research Foundation made important progress in 2011 in developing training and education materials that help to improve and grow electrical business.

The goals of the Foundation are:

  • To provide a focal point for industry-specific training and development
  • To equip members with valuable tools to help them establish dynamic training programs
  • To move the entire supply chain towards optimal profitability and success

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