Rockingham Electric Welcomes David Richard

Rockingham Electric Welcomes David Richard

The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric in Newington, New Hampshire, is pleased to welcome David Richard, Lighting Designer, to our team.

“David’s lighting design experience and expertise in the Southern Maine market is exactly what we needed to round out our group of talented lighting designers,” says Jim Pender, president and CEO of the Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric. “Our goal is to always give our customers access to the best in the industry.”

Throughout his seventeen year career, Richard has made his personal approach to lighting design about combining the technical and aesthetic side of lighting with a personal sense of style. “I strongly believe in ensuring that lighting is wholly integrated into any environment, rather then being an afterthought or addition. Only then can that environment reach its full potential,” Richard says.

Richard will become the fourth member of the lighting design team along side Timothy Carroll-Minion, Cindy Milne and Leslie Whaley.


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