ROMAC Founder Dies

ROMAC Founder Dies


Phillip “Phil” Rosenfield passed away on Thursday evening, June 26, 2014. He was 90 years old.

Phil was the founder of ROMAC (Rosenfield Machinery) Supply Company.  With Phil at its helm, ROMAC was one of the early electrical equipment recyclers, returning out-of-service equipment back to safe condition for reuse.

Many do not know that Phil also founded or helped found these companies:
Power Controls, Inc
MGM Transformer
ROMAC Motor and Control-Phoenix
Armistead Companies, Limited
Rosewood Products
Key-Don Scissor-lifts
Santa Fe Hydraulics
PER Partners      
and several other businesses.

Additionally, Phil assisted and influenced many others getting into their own businesses. Many of these, as well as many of his own, businesses are still producing today.

Phil’s namesake company, ROMAC, is doing well, with a third generation beginning to take hold of this 1958 company.

Phil stood for integrity, fairness and loyalty. He expected it and he practiced it. He was regarded by all as a very, very good man and a pioneer in the reconditioned electrical business. Our thoughts are with his family.

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