Samsung, Philips and Siemens Were the Top 2014 Patent Applicants in the EPO

Samsung, Philips and Siemens Were the Top 2014 Patent Applicants in the EPO

Samsung, Philips and Siemens were the top patent applicants in the Eurpoean Patent Office (EPO) in 2014. Samsung headed the list, followed by Philipps and Siemens. ABB headed the list for the most patent applications filed by a Swiss-based company in 2014.

Among the ten most active filers, five companies came from Europe, three from Asia, and two from the US. The majority of these companies work in the electronics and IT sectors.

Patent filings at the EPO grew by 3.1% in 2014, hitting a new record high of more than 274,000, with the electrical machinery/apparatus/energy field showing the fastest growth.

A quote from Philips’ Chief Intellectual Property Officer:
“We are very proud of this ranking and it represents an endorsement of our continued commitment to innovation as a company,” said Brian Hinman, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Royal Philips. “Intellectual Property is an important, strategic and value-creating business asset for Philips and our IP strategy aligns one for one with the overall Philips business strategy. Philips’ Intellectual Property & Standards organization provides world-class IP solutions for each of the Philips businesses to support the company’s growth, competitiveness, profitability and new business opportunities. Our current IP Portfolio consists of 71,000 patents, 47,000 trademarks, 92,000 design rights and 4,900 domain names. Impressive numbers, yet for us, the quality and value of our IP portfolio is even more important than quantity.”

A quote from ABB’s Chief Technology Officer:
“Innovation has always been a key source of competitive advantage for ABB,” said Chief Technology Officer, Claes Rytoft. “Our technologies have helped to shape the industries in which we are active, and we are proud that, today, more than 120 years after ABB’s predecessor companies were founded, we remain at the forefront of technological development.”

From the EPO website:

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