Schaedler Yesco Celebrates 95 Years

Schaedler Yesco Celebrates 95 Years
Third and Fourth generation family and current owners of Schaedler Yesco Distribution, Inc.; Elizabeth Schaedler Gillespie, Kate Schaedler, Greg Schaedler, Jim Schaedler, Tom G. Schaedler, Christine Schaedler Notarfrancesco

Harrisburg, PA – 2019 marks Schaedler Yesco’s 95th anniversary. While few in the industry can boast a legacy such as this, the focus of the company’s celebration is less about the past, and more about the JOURNEY taken to arrive at today. The experiences of Schaedler Yesco and its team, and the lessons learned along the way, allow the company to move confidently into the future with plans for innovative new programs and services. The company’s 2018 campaign, “Real Life Experience. Real Life Solutions.”, will continue in 2019.

Company History:

The company, founded by Andrew C. Schaedler, William Schaedler and Harry Schaedler, has roots in the electrical industry that reach back to the early 1900s.

Both Andy and Bill served as Philadelphia-area electrical contractors as far back as 1903. In 1906 Andy served as the electrical foreman for the reconstruction of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building, described by then- president, Theodore Roosevelt as ‘the handsomest building’ he ever saw.

To build their business and serve other contractors, the brothers expanded their contracting business to supplies and manufacturing in the 1920s with stores in both Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

After the tragic death of their father, the men closed the Philadelphia location to move home to Steelton, PA and officially became Schaedler Bros. Manufacturing Company in 1924 maintaining the Harrisburg store located on Fulton Street.

Early Schaedler truck while on Briggs Street.

The company moved to Briggs Street in Harrisburg in 1926, taking over the former livery stable of Bowman’s Department store. The business operated for 26 years in the residential neighborhood renting local garages for storage.

By 1946 the second generation began when Tom Schaedler, Sr. joined the company bringing new ideas and changes, including a move to the larger, more efficient 13th Street location. As the company grew, it incorporated and became one of the earliest distributors of Allen-Bradley products. Schaedler Bros., Inc. was building a strong reputation in the Central PA market as a reliable electrical partner.

By the 1970s, the third generation, Jim Schaedler, Henry Schaedler and Tom Schaedler, Jr., joined the business with sights on continued innovation and growth adding strategically located branches close to key PA markets.

Significant growth was the company’s goal when, in 1999, Schaedler Bros., Inc. merged with York-based, YESCO, becoming Schaedler Yesco Distribution. By that time the fourth generation of family members – Tom G. Schaedler, Elizabeth Schaedler Gillespie, Greg Schaedler, Christine Schaedler Notarfrancesco and Kate Schaedler — had joined the organization. After a series of acquisitions and new locations, the company grew to 21 branches throughout the commonwealth.

Today, the fourth generation collaborates with CEO, Jim Schaedler and the executive management team, to bring innovative services and solutions to a variety of channels and markets. Together, they are committed to remaining a family- and employee-owned, independent company.

The company will celebrate its 95th anniversary year with a series of customer initiatives and a formal employee celebration planned for later in the year.

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    Kay Taylor January 12, 2019 / 6:04 am

    Congratulations on such a great history of a family business.
    My father was one of many electricians in York County that used York-YESCO for his electrical supplies in 1950-1960’s.

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