Schaedler Yesco Names Oil & Gas Specialist

Heath Heller

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Schaedler Yesco Distribution, Inc. recently welcomed Heath Heller to its business development team.

Heller has 13 years of experience in the electrical industry with five of those years focused on the oil and gas business. With SafeLandUSA certification, he is able to safely enter rig sites and other oil and gas facilities.

“Heath came to us with a great deal of industry knowledge,” said VP of Sales, Kurt Suchar. “He has already proven to be a valuable asset to both our customers and our own team.”

Schaedler Yesco works with companies throughout the category including drilling companies, industrial contractors, and end users. The technical expertise of Heller, as well as the company’s lighting, automation, and gear specialists, allows development of the best solution for the needs of this unique market.

“It’s more than just meeting every-day requirements. We’re working with people on addressing the skills gap with specialized training and creative problem solving for industry-specific challenges,” explained Heller.

As the business of natural gas booms in Pennsylvania, the growth opportunities go beyond the oil and gas industry. The region is expected to experience tremendous expansion overall.

“Working with the drillers and processors is just the beginning,” Heller explains. “The region will see incredible growth which means construction activity for infrastructure, commercial projects and so much more. Schaedler Yesco is in the position to meet the electrical needs of all of these areas.”

Heller is based out of North Central, Pa.

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