Schneider Teams Up With the Professional Women’s Hockey League

Schneider Teams Up With the Professional Women’s Hockey League

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Schneider Electric announces its partnership with the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). Named the official partner for energy management, Schneider Electric will assess the PWHL’s operations and provide a clear roadmap for decarbonization, supporting the PWHL’s journey to becoming a sustainable sports league.

“The PWHL and Schneider Electric share a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and community impact,” says Emily Heitman, Country President of Schneider Electric Canada. “We are honoured they have chosen Schneider Electric’s world-class energy management expertise and solutions to reach their sustainability goals.”

The partnership is crucial to the objectives set by the Paris Agreement’s Sport and Climate Action Framework.  The two main goals of the framework are for sports organizations and teams to measure, reduce, and report their greenhouse-gas emissions and for sports to be a unifying tool to drive climate awareness and action among global citizens.

“We are pleased to partner with Schneider Electric for our inaugural season,” says Amy Scheer, PWHL Senior Vice President of Business Operations. “Together, we are not only shaping the landscape of women’s hockey but striving to improve our eco-friendliness to create a better and more sustainable world for generations to come.”

The PWHL consists of six teams across North America — three in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal) and three in the United States (New York, Minnesota, and Boston). The league kicked off its inaugural season in January 2024.

“It was a very proud moment for Schneider Electric as the league’s official North American partner for energy management,” says Gabe Smith, Vice President of the Global Sustainability Business at Schneider Electric. “In partnering together to develop a sustainability roadmap, we’re on a path to improving the hockey industry’s carbon footprint and inspiring other sports leagues to follow suit.”


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