Send Us Your “Good Stuff”

Send Us Your “Good Stuff”

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

A quick personal story. I was talking with my parents the other day. They live 300 miles from me, and thanks to the pandemic and their pre-existing conditions, I have not seen them in person for more than a year. Here’s a quick recap of the conversation:

  1. It’s really cold in the upper Midwest, and they got more than a foot of snow.
  2. They are extremely concerned about getting sick during this flu season and the pandemic.
  3. They are running out of projects to do around their house, but my dad (he’s 81) tore out an entire wall in his bathroom to add an outlet.
  4. They watch a lot of news, and it’s “all negative”.


I can’t fix problems 1-3 in the above list. tED magazine is going to do what it can about number 4.

We want to highlight the efforts people are making to improve their communities. We don’t really have any “rules” about what that means, but if you work with someone who is helping other people, or a group of co-workers is creating better outcomes, we want to know about it.

We are calling it “The Good Stuff”. And we are asking you to send us your “Good Stuff”.

We want names. We want pictures. We want details.

Depending on how many of your stories we receive, we will post them either individually, or put together an “Only The Good Stuff” post on a weekly or monthly basis.

We want to know about your positive stories, so please send them, along with photos if you have them, to Online Editor, Nicky Herron at or Editorial & Web Assistant, Marie Jakle at


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