Service Wire Launches New Website

CULLODEN, W.Va. – Wire and cable just got a new look on The company relaunched its website—a colorful beacon for distributors, contractors, and engineers—in late March 2021.

“Finding the right wire and cable has never been easier,” explained Mary Brown, Marketing Manager at Service Wire Company. “Our refreshed site allows you to easily browse our award-winning products and services by market, get answers to industry-related questions, and request updated pricing.”

Service Wire has packed the site full of interactive features, colorful rollovers, and dynamic content that showcases everything from single conductors to VFD cable. The site continually updates to reflect the most current industry news and hot topics, including the rise and fall of fluctuating copper prices.

“We’ve revamped the Daily Copper Close section on our site to help users keep up-to-date on COMEX,” explained Brown. “Users can sign up to receive our free, daily email and track historic copper prices all from the same place.”

Service Wire’s ‘Customer Q&A’ was also optimized with new answers to common industry-related questions for beginners and experienced professionals.

“We’re committed to improving the customer experience and making it even easier for our customers to get the answers they need,” concluded Brown. “Our new site is structured with everyone in mind—with products and services designed for nearly every application and budget.”

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