Service Wire Loses Dynamic Manager

Service Wire Loses Dynamic Manager

Michael DaVania, Service Wire’s Western Regional Outside Sales Manager, passed away at his home on May 15, 2016 after a five month battle with cancer. DaVania passed in the way he would have wanted with his loving wife and their seven dogs by his side. He is survived by his wife April, his two daughters, Michelle and Megan DaVania, and two grandsons Cy and Chase Clark.

DaVania began his career in the electrical and wire business in the late 1960’s at Universal Wire and Cable Company in Chicago, Illinois. From there he ventured to Orange County, California in the early 1970’s to form his own wire company, GMG Wire and Cable. In 1993, DaVania moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began working for Bob Jones & Associates, and in 2008 began working for Service Wire Company.

Everyone close to DaVania knew his great sense of humor and love of adventure. He took up skydiving in the early 80’s after landing a spot as an extra in the original “Red Dawn” movie. He was slowed down briefly by an injury due to a skydiving accident, but picked up right where he left off with a new love for boating and motorcycle riding. DaVania found peace on his long motorcycle rides. His longest was from Denver to Phoenix. DaVania’s love for Elvis was also well known—so much so that he married his wife, April, at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas in 2000 dressed as Elvis wearing the infamous white jump suit. In addition, he loved all music and his collection rivaled any music store. His tastes varied from hip-hop, rap, and pop, but he had a special place in his heart for Shakira.


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