Service Wire Recognizes Reps at Yearly Conference

CULLODEN, W.V. — Service Wire Co. recently presented the Art Weisberg Founder’s Award for recognition of excellence in sales growth and performance at the NEMRA conference in Dallas, Texas.

The 2018 commercial and industrial manufacturer representative award winners are:

  • Alliance Marketing Ltd. – Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • Bob Jones & Associates – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Electra Sales – Irving, Texas
  • Empire Electric Sales, Inc. – Sacramento, California
  • E-TEL – Houston, Texas
  • Joseph E. Biben Sales Corporation – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Lyle W. Williams Company – Salt Lake City, Utah

The Art Weisberg Founder’s Award is presented each year to top-performing manufacturer representatives who exhibit sales growth and exemplary performance in any vertical market.

E-Tel: (From left to right) Bill Stannard, Scott Boyd, Jeff Techmanski, Randy Barrett (Service Wire Co.), Lisa Johnson, Brandon Sitterle, Kyle Ribbing, Dustin Jessop

Lyle W. Williams Co.: (From left to right) Joe Rasmussen, Kris Haslam, Mike Madjidi (Service Wire Co.), JR Christensen

Empire Electric Sales, Inc.: (From left to right) Gary Scarratt, Dave Heisinger, Mike Madjidi (Service Wire Co.), Mike Melby

Joseph E. Biben Sales Corporation: (From left to right) Gene Biben, Chris Transue, Bill Solomon, Scott Transue, Bruce Kesler (Service Wire Co.)

Electra Sales (From left to right) Kevin Burns, Jerry Slagle, Randy Barrett (Service Wire Co.), Bob Easterlin, Allen Lupton, Wayne Goodwin

Bob Jones & Associates: (From left to right) Mike Madjidi (Service Wire Co.), JR Walton, Jeff Jones, Russ McDermott
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